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Using Passive Muscle Relaxation as a Form of Meditation and Stress Reduction

Passive muscle relaxation is a great way to practice mindfulness and unwind. It teaches you to be more in tune with your body as well as how to be present in the moment and tune out the outside world. It is a helpful addition to those already practicing mindfulness, mediation or guided meditation. Read on below to practice guided mediation with the following script.

Passive Muscle Relaxation Script

Find a quiet spot where you can relax and fully unwind. You can choose to sit on the ground, in a car or on any other surface you find comfortable. If you choose you can add some

relaxing music or instrumentals. Avoid music with loud noises or lyrics as these can be distracting while trying to follow the script. You may want to lower the lights and can even add some candles or incense to the room.

Sit in a comfortable position. Place your arms on your lap with your palms facing up. Close your eyes and count backwards from 5. Count 5,4,3,2,1. Exhale. Notice your breathing and how calm and deep your breaths are.

Feel the weight of your feet. Imagine the blood circulating, warm and calm throughout the arches of your feet. Imagine the muscles in your feet unwinding and letting go. Any tension that you feel in your feet is simply melting away with each exhale you take. The muscles from your heels to your ankles are loosening up. Soon your feet will be completely relaxed.

Now feel the relaxation moving to your calves, shins and knees. Imagine the tension in the lower legs releasing from your body and the muscles relax and unwind. You can feel the weight of your legs becoming heavy as the calmness sets in and the muscles completely relax and let go.

Let the relaxation move up to your thighs. Feel the large muscles in your thighs contract and loosen as the tension melts away from each leg simultaneously. Soon your legs will feel heavy as the muscles unwind and let go. Your breath is deep and with every exhale you feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed.

Now the relaxation is moving up to your stomach. Imagine your stomach as a tightly knotted cord becoming lose and unwinding. Imagine a cooling sensation moving through your stomach with each breath. The cooling sensation feels healing as your muscles relax .

As your stomach becomes more relaxed you might notice the relaxation moving up to your chest. Imagine the muscles of your chest loosening, unwinding and letting go with each exhale. You can feel the tension leaving your body as your breathe out deeply. Let the relaxation move up to your shoulders. You can feel your shoulders drop and the tension melts away all the way from your shoulders to your tailbone. The relaxation moves downwards from your shoulders into your arms. Your arms feel heavy as the muscles unwind,loosen and let go. Your hands feel heavy and you may find your fingers beginning to droop with your palms slowly closing to a comfortable position.

Now focus on your head. Take a deep breath in and hold it for a few seconds. Breathe out and notice how your eye lids feel relaxed and tired. Imagine the relaxation moving down your cheeks and into your jaw. Let the tension jaw relax and your jaw become slack. All the tension in your face loosens and melts away. The relaxation feeling moves down your neck. You notice the weight of your head on your shoulders and it feels heavy. Imagine your neck muscles like a tightly knotted ball of rope slowly untangling and loosening until it feels completely relaxed.

Enjoy the feeling of relaxation and weightlessness in your body. Take a deep breath in. Notice your stomach pushing outwards as you take this deep belly breath. Count backwards from 5 as you take another deep breath in. Count down from 5 as you exhale. Slowly open your eyes and continue to enjoy the feeling of deep relaxation and peace within you.

This script is copyright protected. You may not reproduce any portion of this script. 2023

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