Psychotherapy for Teens and Adults

Assisting individuals in resolving conflicts within their lives through compassion, education and understanding. Specializing in issues related to adolescents and young adults. 


Ashley O'Connor

I enjoy asissting individuals with managing symptoms, developing coping skills and insights, identifying and resolving past traumas, and understanding emotions.


As a parent helping your child succeed and be the best version of themselves in life is of the upmost importance. Common issues that adolescents face today can relate to school stress, technology boundary issues, anxiety, anger, social struggles, bullying, & family communication. I work collaboratively with parents, families and the schools to ensure your child receives well rounded support from each of these areas in their lives.


I understand the many struggles that young adults face. Whether it's stress related to choosing a college, or career, developing a better sense of self as a newly independent adult, or just learning coping strategies to combat stress and depression, there are many ways therapy can help you find resolutions to these issues.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a widely accepted and successful form of therapy. It provides you with the ability to understand how your thoughts impact your emotions. CBT provides you with the skills necessary to change your ability to successfully cope with a wide variety of issues such as anxiety, depression, avoidance, social anxiety and more...

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